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Written by CL Bluestein & Narrated by Christa Lewis

Renowned writer Rachel Allen, plagued with guilt and PTSD from her traumatic past, finds distraction unraveling the mysteries found in an abused teenager’s 1934 diary. Its secrets take her on a journey from a 1930’s mob hit-man to a modern-day serial killer.

Sybil Powell is executive director of the human rights foundation, PRAISE. Strong and in controll on the outside, Sybil’s inner peace is constantly derailed by her powerful father, Philip Vanderhagen, a global cartel’s managing director. With her artist wife seduced into a money-laundering scheme, and her son in mortal danger from African diamond smugglers, she must find the courage to stop the endless cycle of blackmail and betrayal.

The women’s intersecting journeys reach from New York City to Apalachin, NY, to Washington D.C., and Tawanda, Africa, as they fight for their emotional, professional, and political power. In the end, their perceptions and lives hang in the balance as Rachel and Sybil find themselves in a deadly confrontation.

About the Author

C.L. Bluestein has background in marketing, education, arts and theater. The underlying themes of her work center around personal empowerment, with a focused delight in plots, puzzles, and how things work.

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