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Written By Clancy Martin
Narrated By Cassie James
Length: 2 hrs and 40 mins
Release Date: 02-13-17
Print: Tyrant Books


“Bad Sex is like a diamond, cut clean, dangerously sharp, brutally hard and yet paradoxically beautiful, ruthlessly honing in on the plight of a woman caught in the throes of alcoholism, desire, marriage and adultery. Like Camus in The Stranger, Martin digs into the philosophical through precise narrative, exposing the big questions for the reader to answer.”
-David Means, author of Assorted Fire Events and The Spot

"Laugh-aloud funny...painfully honest." –The New York Times

"[Martin] wants to question our assumptions, and his own, about what love means, how it operates, the demands of living for other people and living for ourselves." –L.A. Times

“Martin manages to elegantly imbue his simple little book with complex insights and layers of meaning. That is the novel’s chief pleasure: knowing it should be so bad, but finding it so, so good.” –Electric Literature

Bad Sex


“I drink, I hurt myself and the people around me, and then I write.” Brett is in Central America, away from her husband, when she begins a love affair with his friend, Eduard. Tragedy and comedy are properly joined at the hip in this loosely autobiographical book about infidelity, drinking, and the postponing of repercussions under the sun. Though coming undone is something we all try to avoid, Martin reminds us that going off the rails is sometimes a part of the ride.


Clancy Martin is a Canadian philosopher, novelist, and essayist.

Martin's debut novel How to Sell (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) was a Times Literary Supplement "Best Book of 2009" (chosen by Craig Raine), and a "Best Book of 2009" for The GuardianPublishers WeeklyThe Kansas City Star.

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