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By Noah Cicero
Narrated By Sara Morsey
Length: 3 hrs and 44 mins
Release Date: 3-5-2018
Print Pub: Trident Books

Marking a significant departure from Noah Cicero's fictional and poetic works, Blood-Soaked Buddha/Hard Earth Pascal is a lucid philosophical treatise. Rather than entertain dogma, Cicero approaches a discussion of Buddhism from the refreshing perspective of the everyman, providing a profound spiritual analysis as well as a sharp critique of capitalism. There are even some pretty good ghost stories. 


blood-soaked buddha/hard earth pascal


"Buddhism isn't for scholars and priests and masters. It's not a religion. It's for anyone who wants to find a better way. It's practical, it's logical, it's sensible and it's real. Just like this book."

"Far too many books about Buddhism get bogged down in scholarly doublespeak. Others are full of far-fetched fantasies. Noah's book isn't like that. It's a real book for real people."  - Brad Warner, author of Hardcore Zen)

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