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By Chelsea Martin
Narrated By Sarah Rouse
Length: 5 hrs and 56 mins
Release Date: 4-11-2019
Print Publisher: Soft Skull Press


“When someone suggested I was cool, I couldn’t help thinking, What the fuck is your problem? But there was part of me that believed that I was the one who was wrong about me. When I was depressed, or felt like a complete piece of shit, there has always been a small but persistent voice saying, You’re actually kind of great.”

Caca Dolce tells the story of Chelsea Martin’s coming of age as a writer and artist. In these essays, Chelsea is an eleven-year-old atheist, trying to will aliens to visit her neighborhood; grappling with a Tourette’s diagnosis as she becomes a teenager; falling under the sway of frenemies and crushes in high school; questioning the point of (and trying to afford) art school; navigating the weirdness of falling in love with a friend; and struggling for independence from her emotionally manipulative father and from the dead-end California town where she grew up. From a cult favorite and indie-press bestseller who has been called “the preeminent chronicler of Internet-age malaise” (Lena Dunham) and “an exquisite original” (Chloe Caldwell), Caca Dolce is a candid, tender, and very funny book about relationships, class, art, sex, money, and family.


Caca Dolce



Caca Dolce is indie lit star Chelsea Martin’s finest work―nuanced, intelligent, emotionally vulnerable, and, as always, hilarious. Do not read in public unless you want to look like a cackling lunatic.”―Juliet Escoria, author of Black Cloud

“I’m probably not Chelsea Martin's biggest fan because I'm sure she has legitimate stalkers, but I'm way up there. Gold, gold I tell ya." ―Mary Miller, author of The Last Days of California

“Chelsea Martin is one of the best American writers alive. Savage and sharp, tender and hilarious, Martin’s Caca Dolce is a book like she’s never written before. She’s given us poetry, prose, novels, and comics. Now she’s given us a perfect personal essay collection as well. You'll only think one thing after reading it. Chelsea Martin can do anything.”―Scott McClanahan, author of Hill William

Caca Dolce explores the discomfort, melancholia and absurdity of taking up space in the world when we aren't sure if we really deserve it. Deeply human―it's a lonely book that made me feel less alone.”―Melissa Broder, author of So Sad Today


Chelsea Martin is the author of Everything Was Fine Until Whatever; The Really Funny Thing About Apathy; Even Though I Don’t Miss You, which was named one of the Best Indie Books of 2013 by Dazed magazine; and Mickey. Her work has appeared in Buzzfeed, Hobart, Lenny Letter, Vice, and Catapult, and chosen as a Notable Essay in Best American Essays 2016. She is a comic artist and illustrator and the creative director of Universal Error and currently lives in Washington State.

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