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By Darcie Wilder
Narrated By Darcie Wilder
Length: 2 hrs and 2 mins
Release Date: 08-10-17
Print Pub: Tyrant Books


Literally Show Me a Healthy Person is a careful confession soaking in saltwater, a size B control top jet black pantyhose dragged over a skinned knee and slipped into unlaced doc martens. Blurring the lines of the written word, Literally Show Me a Healthy Person is a portrait of a young girl, or woman, or something; grappling with the immediate and seemingly endless urge to document and describe herself and the world around her. Dealing with the aftermath of her mother's death, her father's neglect, and the chaotic unspoken expectations around her, this novel is a beating heart at the intersection of literature, poetry, and the Internet. Darcie Wilder elevates and applies direct pressure, but the wound never stops bleeding.

Literally Show Me A Healthy Person

“TV writer and Twitter personality Wilder’s debut novel is a small, strange gem that delivers an intense emotional experience. Readers are presented with the thoughts and memories of a young narrator—also named Darcie—whose quips, queries, brainstorms, and anecdotes churn around a core narrative of her dysfunctional family, sustained grief, and loneliness.” –Publisher's Weekly


the skin on the tops of my hands are splitting apart. just like my parents did. and their parents before them

'stronger to hold ur head high in spite of drunktexts than to have never drunktexted at all' is the current lie im repeating to myself

someone roofied my ranch dressing

he fucked me on ketamine when i was blacked out in the bathroom before the bar was open so drunk i forgot i didn't have an iud, let him cum inside me and bought plan b in the morning

does anyone want my demons, im so sick of them


Darcie Wilder (b. 1990) is the Twitter account @333333333433333. She graduated from SUNY Purchase Film Conservatory with a BFA in 2012. Literally Show Me A Healthy Person is her second book. She was born in New York, where she still lives and will die.

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