The Talking Book

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Written By Ben Tyler Elliott
Narrated By Andrew Frankel
Length: 10 hrs and 31 mins
Release Date: 02-13-17


In the winter of 1968, a young woman named Harriet disappears outside of Denver. Soon after, her father dies mysteriously. The family's three remaining sons - Wayne, Roy, and Conrad - grow increasingly distant as the specters of murder, family, and suspicion loom.

As the brothers grow older, they learn that loss comes in many forms - in absence and silence, and in death. Decades later, Wayne's only child confronts the brothers, uncovering long-buried resentments that have plagued the family for generations. We encounter Conrad, an ex-army alcoholic, the now sober but wheelchair-bound Roy, and an increasingly distant and reclusive Wayne - delirious with the belief that he can create his own history.



Ben Tyler Elliott is the author of the debut novel Sifting Through Static, which was written on coffee breaks, at red lights, and during too many after-midnights. He lives in San Francisco. You can follow him on Twitter @BenTylerElliott. Whenever he isn't writing or reading, he can likely be found riding his bicycle, baking bread, petting a dog, or wallowing in Wikipedia's quieter corners.

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