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By Brian Alan Ellis
Narrated By Mary Moore
Length: 1 hr and 44 mins
Release Date: 07-18-2017
Print Pub: House Of Vlad


Following a summer’s worth of drug abuse, epic alcohol benders, and promiscuous sexual misadventures, you cope with your impoverished living arrangements while mourning the senility of your beloved grandmother, the destructive idiocy of your only two friends, and most importantly, the devastating loss of your free-spirited lover. There are things to consider, of course, and it’s real tough to think sometimes.

Something to do with self-hate

"Ellis has always had the gift of story and detail, which we would note (yet again) are stories and details so few of us know (or at least tell), but [Something to Do with Self-Hate represents] new layers... efforts to get at what the characters are feeling amidst all of this despair and decay." - Ben Tanzer, author of Be Cool

"Always a wild-ass, muffler-less ride with [Ellis]... Something to Do with Self-Hate, this exquisite wreckage, is another beauty! I'm a fan." - Meg Tuite, author of Lined Up Like Scars

"If The Great Gatsby was about the impossibility of living the past again, Something to Do with Self-Hate is about the impossibility of going forward and the weird social netherworld is creates. Some people refuse to explore certain depth of their own personal turmoil [but] Brian Alan Ellis is not one of these people. He bares it all here." - Dead End Follies


BRIAN ALAN ELLIS is the author of several books, most recently a story collection, Failure Pie in a Sadness Face, and a novel,Something to Do with Self-Hate. He lives in Florida.

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