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By Sam Pink
Narrated By Tom Fria
Length: 4 hrs and 19 mins
Release Date: 6-25-2018
Print Publisher: Soft Skull Press


From the freezing alleys of Chicago to the dew-blanketed bayou of Florida. From bouncing drunks and cleaning up puke to biking through the swamp laughing at peacocks. Freeze to thaw. Filth and broken glass and black water backed up in showers; lizards and Girl Scouts and themed birthday parties. A baby rat freed from the bottom of a Dumpster becomes a white ibis wandering the wet driveway after a storm. Goodbye, hello, goodbye. It was the garbage times; it was time for something else. A tale of two tales, connected by a mysterious sunlit portal.


The Garbage Times/White Ibis



"The novellas are hilarious and unabashedly honest in showing how bizarre life is, how unpredictable people are, and yet how each person craves love, dignity, freedom―the fundamental needs we all share. . . . There is a mysterious momentum at work in the voice-driven narrative, a Murakami-like invisible hand that guides these characters with a purpose to press on. . . . His stories are unique and true and impossible to put down―what more could anyone want?" ―Taylor Larsen, Los Angeles Review of Books

"The Garbage Times are followed, almost giddily, by the up-and-away of White Ibis. And in this book, Pink has done something so new, so different, that I’m struck by what a stroke of genius it was to put the Chicago book right up against it for contrast . . . The Florida book is so expansive, so wild and lovely, so full of normal-ish people and exotic animals and the oddest thing of all in a Sam Pink book―a fleeting inner calm that almost borders on happiness . . . White Ibis is so powerful and so full of hope." Chicago Review of Books

Sam Pink’s books include Witch PissRontelHurt OthersThe No Hellos Diet, and Person. His writing has been published widely in print and on the internet, and translated into other languages. He sells paintings from

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